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Sometimes I’ll ask for feedback on a project. That’s what this is for, to get some opinions and inspiration from others.

Critiquing Assignment 5: Your choice

I realise that earlier in the module I asked people to come and comment on my work whilst it was in progress. This was to help bring a form of constructive criticism to help shape my work and give stronger outcomes.

I realise that this critique was missing for my final assignment of the module and wanted to ask a group of friends/creative people to comment on my final assignment…

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New exercise – ‘Point of Sale Display’

The Brief:

Create a ‘point of sale display’ to go above the fruit and vegetables in a local green grocers shop. The shop is in a small precinct which houses a baker, a newsagent, an independent shoe shop and is on the route to and from a respected primary school.

The final size of the display will be 2 X A1 Landscape.  I am allowed to either work with photograph’s, create illustrations or use both to produce two images one of fruit the other of vegetables. I can use individual fruits/veg or cut up/segments or all of the above.

Here are two possible versions of the design:

Point of Sale Display V1

Point of Sale Display Version 1


Point of Sale Display Version 2

Point of Sale Display Version 2

As you look at the two designs please comment on:

  1. The Wording of the sign: it needs to be – ‘clear and dynamic
  2. Ask yourself  – Does the fruit look edible? Would I like to eat it? If not can you say why not/what might improve it?
  3. Is the overall design ‘clear and dynamic‘? Would it catch your eye from a distance?

Can you see a  ‘conscious decision about the use colour to describe tone, shadow and surface marks‘ – poor choices can make food look unappealing, moldy etc.

Feel free to make any other comments/observations.

Thanks again…

Final design for Poster based on rationale one

Hi again,

I’ve been working on a few changes following Lorsen’s feedback and this is my final version of the poster. I’m aware I could still make more changes and Maria made some suggestions that if i had more time I’d like to try but as I’ve spent probably too long on this project I’m choosing to leave it as it is.

In the end I changed the title font to one within the program, as opposed to my hand drawn version (to make it more legible) and made all the font bold. I’ve added a whole load of daisies and musical notes from hand drawings in an effort to add so movement to the image.

It’s not perfect but in general I’m pleased with the outcome, take a look for yourselves below:

Final Poster design for rationale one

Final Poster design for rationale one


New Design for Rationale One

I’ve been working on a new version of a poster for rationale one. A quick recap for you about rationale one:

Produce a poster promoting a local event of your choice. Make the poster full of information about the event, where it’s taking place, when, what’s going on, timings, cost and what to expect. Include as much detail as possible for your audience.

This was my initial design for the rationale (see image below):

Overall photo of poster one

Old version of poster

And this is my new and hopefully improved design:

new version

New version of poster

I’d love to hear what you think about the colour scheme – I was going for something a little old jazz/smooth looking rather than bright and funky.

What do you think of the daisies? Are they enough of a hint towards the event being in a park or is something else needed?

Is the text/information clear enough – does it need to be bigger, smaller or a different colour? Feel free to comment on what you think works or doesn’t work within the poster.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!!



Final Design for Rationale Two

Below is a photo of the final design for rationale two, I think it has much more movement and a summery feel. I also think the text is now clear making the subject/event clear to the audience.

What do you think?

Final poster

Final poster

Close up of text within the buttons of the saxophone

Close up of text within the buttons of the saxophone

different photo of final poster

different photo of final poster