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Project: Visual Dynamics

Research point

The research point for this project involves going back to my own visual diary and considering how I look at images. I’m asked to consider three things:

1. How do your eyes travel around the items you have collected?

2. What do you look at first?

3. Where is the contrast in what you are looking at?

I want to consider these question by commenting on a few pages from my visual diary…

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Assignment 3: Exercise – Starting a visual diary

I was very excited at the prospect of doing this exercise because it feels like I’ve been doing it in some form for a few years now. I started collecting packaging, clothing labels, magazines, articles, cutting out bits of text I liked the look of in 2008/2009.

But I’d never put these objects into a scrap book or something collective so they’ve sat in boxes for years and I’ve just continued to accumulate more. So I’ve now started to compile a folder (a physical not digital one), where I can stick done objects on pages and insert the pages in.

Here’s a few

Page 1 of Scrap book

Page 1 of Scrap book –  various packaging

Pages from scrap book

Pages from scrap book – coffee packaging & fashion images

Page from scrap book

Page from scrap book – text from magazines


More pages from scrap book

More pages from scrap book – labels