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Project 8 – early ideas/research


I’m trying to adjust how I let myself work towards projects. So rather than me being bound by what the project requires I’m trying to allow my thoughts/ideas work towards the project rather than be constrained in order to get the perfect print.

With that in mind I wanted to start by talking about some photo’s I took on holiday a couple of months ago which capture something I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ve been thinking about what it means to stand above something and look down on it, about seeing my life like a vast plain with lots of elements in it that stretch out far and wide, but are in my sight not beyond me.

These photo’s were taken looking over the edge of a viewing point in an area called Symonds Yat.

photo from Symonds Yat - using wide angle camera lens

Photo from Symonds Yat – using wide angle camera lens

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