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Exercise: Birthday list

This exercise was all about creating a poster list, detailing the birthdays of my friends and family. It’s intended for display (on a notice board), so a good aesthetic was required. I was required to come up with information or data for the following areas:

1. Birthdays of friends and family.

2. Whether or not to buy them presents, card or send a text…

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Exercise: Giving information

This exercise required me to describe my immediate surroundings, or my routine, or an area in my house as an Infographic. The graphic needed to be either an aerial or front facing view of the subject. I was free to make use of typography, numbers and colours to help describe/enhance the Infographic…

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Project: Information graphics

Information graphics seem to be an recent design trend, that’s growing in popularity. After doing a little bit of research into the area, it’s clear that many big company’s are utilising Infographics as part of their advertising campaign.

I collated some examples of Infographics on my Graphic Design board in Pinterest:


I was surprised by the breadth of different styles and approaches to infographics. A good example of this breadth of styles and approaches to creating infographics can be seen in the work of ‘Collumn Five’:


Their info-graphics range from traditional approaches, like pie charts or graphs to photography, illustrations of inside buildings using food etc. They seem to create all of their content on their website in infographic form.

Examples of Column Five Infographics:

spices visual storytelling

Inside the mind of anthony weiner infographic

Well Balanced Blog Infographic

Childrens Classroom Info graphic

A couple of other websites which had a strong emphasis on Infographic designs were:



Visual News have a dedicated category within their site for addressing data visualisation:


I then moved onto looking at the first exercise within this project…