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Printmaking 2: Assignment 1 ~ Project Urban Landscapes pt.2

I began this project with some drawings of various parts of Coventry City Centre, as mentioned in part 1 of this series of posts. I then decided to make a large scale pencil drawing based on various angles of the City Centre (see photo below)…

Larger scale drawing/design for possible print.








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Printmaking 2: Assignment 1 – Project 2 Urban Landscapes pt.1

I approached this project by doing some observational drawings in a couple of locations in the Coventry city centre as I live in Coventry this seemed the perfect place to focus on for.

I wanted to try and get a more elevated perspective of the city centre and the best place I could think of that provided this was the IKEA cafe. From this place you can view the expanse of the city. I picked a spot and began drawing trying to focus on perspective at first.

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