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Project 14: making mistakes

I’ve been trying to produce the final prints for this project for the past week or so now but my results aren’t exactly what I hoped for.

Below is a photo of my first attempt at one of the designs I’d drawn in my sketchbook. It didn’t go to plan…

First attempt of Chine Colle print of sketchbook designs

First attempt of Chine Colle print of sketchbook designs

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Project 14: Ideas in Sketchbook

In my last post I mentioned using a drawing from my small sketchbook as inspiration for a print. I’ve taken that sketch and reworked it by changing the scale and a few elements by re-drawing it. Here’s the result below:

Original drawing of 'House with Chimney'

Original drawing of ‘House with Chimney’

Reworked Sketch of original 'House with Chimney'.

Reworked Sketch of original ‘House with Chimney’.

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Project 14: First combination print incorporating chine colle

I wanted to give myself a chance to get used to the chine colle method and the combination print before having settled on a final design for the project. So I found a lino block I’d cut in a previous project, based on a house across the road, and set about figuring out a way of incorporating chine colle.

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Project 14: Investigating combination printmaking and incorporating chine colle collages

I wanted to begin this project by doing a bit of visual research. I’ve not really seen many examples of Chine Colle before so my start point was to find examples of artists use of this technique that I liked or found interesting.

Here’s what I found to begin with…

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