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Something I’ve had made for awhile now but hadn’t managed to photograph… This phrase meant a lot to me during difficult times, it was just what I needed to hear on days which felt like they would last forever; when my husband was recovering from surgery and after a miscarriage. It seems like a simple, even cliched phrase but for me these words hold meaning still… My honest aim with the art work/products I make it that they give others a sense of hope or encouragement too – in whatever circumstances they find themselves in… #movedbybreathdesigns #thistooshallpass #linocutprint #handlettering #inspirationalquotesandsayings #shopsmallthischristmas

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Happy Monday everyone!!! Hope you’re all hanging in there. Here’s a little Christmas inspiration for you – our temporary tattoo sheets and stickers make lovely stocking fillers. There’s a design for children and one for grown ups too… Although I’m a grown up and I defiantly have enjoyed having a Panda tattoo… #movedbybreathdesigns #etsyuk #warwickshireetsyteam #cheerfullygivenseller #shopsmallthischristmas

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Anyone else enjoy decorating for the Christmas season?! 👋🙌 Every year we go a little crazy in our house with prints and decorations 😅 These three prints are from original watercolour paintings. Printed onto 100% recycled card in the UK. Check the link in my bio for the Etsy Store for info…. #shopsmallthischristmas #shoplocal #coventryartist #cheerfullygiven #etsyuk #movedbybreathdesigns

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Just leaving this little image here as some stocking filler inspiration for the little ones! Temporary Tattoo sheets & stickers are available through the Etsy store, Cheerfully Given or DM me with any questions! ❄️🎄❄️🎄❄️🎄❄️ #movedbybreathdesigns #christmasiscoming #stockingstuffers #cheerfullygiven #stickershop #warwickshireetsyteam #shopsmall

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I know most of what I share on here is creative work. It’s tricky to know how to get the balance between showing you what I’m making and actually sharing some of my life! So here’s what I’ve been thinking. It’s really really easy as a parent to get caught up in being super busy. I’ve been looking after Ephraim alone this week and today my parents had him for the morning. And I decided that I would let myself actually rest. This resting doesn’t magically erase the tiredness but it does enable me to gather myself again and give my little boy a little bit more care and attention when he comes home again. So be kind today – to yourself and others – smile at that mum dealing with a screaming toddler – you might make her day at little bit nicer!

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