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Exercise: Working to a brief – notes

Having looked at the 3 briefs available I think I would like to tackle the first brief, designing packaging for the Quaker oats company (brief 1)

This is partly due to the comfort of having clear parameters, audience to work for. Also because I love packaging and think it’s possible to make it really fun, appealing. I’d like the challenge of taking something often considered as a product for old people or children and making it appealing to a new audience. In terms of stretching my skills and abilities, I’d like to think it would be quite stretching as I’d use programs like Photoshop/In design to create it which are still very unfamiliar programs to me, so I’d be learning lots as I went through the design process.

I did consider doing brief 2, which is the opposite to brief 1 in terms of being very free, there’s no mention of restrictions in terms of intended audience, what the design should look like. It could be a very fun project, but I think It could also be quite hard to reach a conclusion and get lost in the far reaches of researching something so vast as connections. Everything is connected in some way, so that could be tricky to condense..

Exercise: Working to a brief – Brief 3

Brief 3:

What am I being asked to do?

Produce something which highlights a campaign for raising awareness among young people & their parents about the risks of alcohol. The work needs to incorporate the slogan “why let drink decide?”  and expose the vulnerable position that alcohol puts young people in. Targeted audience is young people aged between 13-16, but the aim is for this also to cause parents/society to rethink how they talk to young people about alcohol.

How will the client judge a successful outcome?

On whether it portrays the danger of drinking, encourages adults to engage in discussion with their children/young people to discourage excessive drinking. Has to express the ‘vulnerability’ caused by drinking. The media needs to be appealing to 13-16 year old’s, accessible to them.

What are the key words?

“Alcohol leaves you and your children vulnerable”, “why let drink decide”, “raise awareness of the risks of underage drinking”, “contribute in a shift towards a cultural change in society’s attitude towards alcohol.”


Exercise: Working to brief – Brief 2

Brief 2:

What am I being asked to do?

Create a piece of work of my own choice, to my own choice of audience that; “takes them on a metaphorical journey” exploring the theme of “connections”. Whatever is produced has to be something imaginative that explores the juxtaposition of things that connect.

How will the client judge the successful outcome?

By how ‘imaginative’ the work is, the “quality of the research” and if it “communicates to the viewer the connectedness of the thinking in my design”. Success will also be judged by how well the piece takes the viewer/audience on a journey.

What are the key words?

“Journey”, “connections”, “connectedness”, “broadly as possible” & “juxtaposition”.

Additional questions:

Do they have a medium in mind for this piece? maybe a poster, picture, animation, film. or perhaps product packaging, or a childrens book?

Exercise: Working to a Brief – Brief 1

Brief 1:

What am I being asked to do?

Create packaging for a product, ‘chilled creamy oats’ for an established company, ‘Quaker’s’. The product has a targeted audience – “young women juggling many jobs and priorities everyday”.

What are the key words?

key words include: “chilled creamy oats”, “truly delicious healthy snack” – both could be seen on the packaging. “young women”, also sense of busyness of targeted audience. Suggests client is looking for something that is exciting/fresh looking and convenient, stops the women thinking of oats as “bland and unappealing”.

How will the client judge a successful outcome?

Client is looking for something to appeal to a young female audience and wanting to persuade them that their product is a quick way of having a “truly delicious healthy snack”. This suggests to me that they are looking for something that is new/current in style/bright? But that also communicates health benefit and convenience.  It’s upon those factors that they’ll judge how successful the outcome is.

Additional Questions:

I would ask whether they want me to design what would go on the packaging, or whether they want me to design the packaging and design – so do they want me to think about shape and materials and printing methods as well and colours/text and images.