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Project 4: ‘Large Landscape’

I’d seen a view near my house walking home the other day which I took a photo of, as I figured it could be inspiration for my Landscape print. I love the sense of layers in the view, there’s the cars and road which draw your eye to the large houses at the center, and then beyond rows and rows of tree’s mixed in with houses.




As I looked at this photo I wanted to do a preliminary sketch to help me decide what techniques/colours I’d use in the print. So I did a coloured pencil sketch using different colours to highlight the different layers of technique and colours in my sketchbook.

Sketchbook drawing

Sketchbook drawing

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Project 4: ‘Head of a Girl’

In preparation for doing a print based on the painting ‘Head of a Girl’ I did a watercolour version, just to think about composition and size.

Original Artist Painting alongside my Watercolor version

Original Artist Painting alongside my Watercolor version

Whilst it’s clear they don’t look the same, I don’t mind, I’m not going for exactly the same image but rather a similar feel. I didn’t like how large/dominant the girls shoulder looked in my watercolor version. So I took it out of the print version.

Here’s the print version:

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Project 4: Four contrasting subjects

After visiting the Herbert Art Gallery I felt like I knew what I wanted the subject areas for the prints to be/what I wanted the prints to be:

1. Large Landscape combining several coloured and textured masked, and back drawing. Large rectangular size.

2. Own verision of the Classic painting ‘Head of a Girl’ – face generated by printing on the plate & black by masking the face. Smaller size.

3. Painted objects (shoes, clothes, sewing machine? from pictures taken at the gallery) enhanced by back drawing.

4. Abstract – marks made by textured layers, ink broken down by white spirit, other experimental marks. Medium sized?


Project 4: Research trip to Herbert Art Gallery

I’d been looking at Project 4 and feeling a little uninspired, probably because it’s come to the end of the assignment and it’s been a long one. But I thought maybe going to a gallery/Museum might give me some inspiration!

So this morning I headed off to the Herbert Art gallery & Museum. I’ll admit I had no idea what would be there, if there’d be things I’d see value in/appreciate.

Their website is here: http://www.theherbert.org/

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Project 3: Backdrawing

Part of this project has involved backdrawing. It’s taken a little while to get the hang of it, my first few goes had a bit too much ink on the printing plate so the lines weren’t as clear as I wanted them to be.

I found that if I took a print of the printing plate first then did a backdrawing on my paper afterwards then the ink was thin enough on the plate for the backdrawing to be clear with little smudging or extra ink on the page. I’ve tried using pencils, and pens, the end of a paint brush to make marks.

I found the pen drawings gave a stronger, defined line more so than the pencil or paint brush.

I need to finish a few experiments with back-drawing and layered masks in one print (not sure it’s going to look how I’d like but worth a go). Then I’ll be moving onto Project 4!