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Printmaking 2: Assignment 1 ~ Project Urban Landscapes pt.2

I began this project with some drawings of various parts of Coventry City Centre, as mentioned in part 1 of this series of posts. I then decided to make a large scale pencil drawing based on various angles of the City Centre (see photo below)…

Larger scale drawing/design for possible print.








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Project 15: Bosworth’s Butchers – printing experiments

I wanted to do a trial run of a painted mono print incorporating back drawing, so that I could make any adjustments to my technique before printing in A3.

Here is a photo of the results, in the rest of the post I’ll break down the process that lead to the final print:

Bosworth's Butchers - painted mono print with back drawing

Bosworth’s Butchers – painted mono print with back drawing

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Project 13: ‘Feels like home’ – Pt.2

In my mind making a mask to go over the printing plate with circles would be easy. However I realised in my first attempt at printing the circles using a thick paper as a mask was restricting how much ink I was getting onto the paper. I remembered I’d encountered this problem when using masks for the first time at the start of the course.

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Review of Personal work towards ‘Assignment 1 Monoprints’

Demonstration of technical and Visual Studies

I would place my work between a low B and a mid C for demonstration of technical skills and I feel my work shows clear attempts at the required techniques and at times a good level of thought/contemplation of design and compositional skills. I would say that I need to make better use of my sketchbook as a place to draw up designs/compositional arrangements for prints, rather than experimenting as I go and commenting in my learning log. I don’t think I was consistent enough in this area to describe my work as displaying ‘complete fluency of technical and visual skills’ (A standard).

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