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Project 8: printing the first layer

Yesterday I began printing the first layer of the reduction print. It didn’t go quite to plan….

I’d managed to mix a shade of green that was the colour I wanted, but when it came to printing things didn’t go smoothly. I’d made a jig to put the lino into to help with registration but I’m wondering if it wasn’t quite big enough and therefore a bit of the lino didn’t sink into it fully, and that’s what caused patches of the print to come out white…

First print with patches missing

First print with patches missing

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Post critique poster changes…

Following the comments on my critique page I went back to my sketchbook to draw some new poster designs for rationale two.

My focus was on creating a design that had much more flow and movement in it, looked summery, and in which the central information i.e. the title of the event and dates were more of a focal point. I did the designs as pen drawings without colour first to try and get a sense of shapes and text arrangement before thinking about colour scheme’s.

Pen & pencil drawings of new designs

Pen & pencil drawings of new designs

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Exercise: Visualising your ideas – Design 3

Rethinking the idea of an envelope that looked like ground it occurred to me I could try just a simple brown paper envelope. And that I could write on the envelope a slogan or something about the volunteering task so people knew something about what the thing inside the envelope might be about. I wrote in pencil “Save Your Park”. As a rough idea.



Looking at this in reality I wasn’t happy with it, I didn’t think it would grab people’s attention and therefore attract new people in the way the brief described. So having a little think I thought maybe adding some grass like green card onto the brown envelope would enhance it looking like a spade cutting into the ground. So I gave it a shot on a new envelope.



I still wasn’t convinced this actually looked any good, rather than looking like something aimed at children (which would be fine but the brief didn’t say the target audience were children).

I was showing a friend the design and she said it looked fine, and then I asked her what did she think it was. She said she thought some kind of bag and that the spade didn’t really look like a spade in terms of it’s handle or bottom half. I agreed with her and so suspended working on the envelope to print out a picture of a real spade to use for redesigning the leaflet.

Project 7: Testing the Lino cut blocks…

Last Thursday I did some test prints of each individual lino block, to see how they looked printed and to see if I felt there was any more cutting away that needed to be done.

Test Prints - Layer 1

Test Prints – Layer 1

This test has a second layer on it which is badly registered as I forgot that it was a test print and I hadn’t created it in a jig. So when I came to print the second layer using a jig of course it was mismatched – a silly mistake! But back to my point the grey back ground layer was originally a test print which I was happy with the quality of – in terms of how the image/lines I’d cut away printed. So I didn’t feel the need to make any changes to the lino before using it to print again.

Test Prints - Layer 2

Test Prints – Layer 2

This layer as you can see has a lot of little lines where there’s little pieces of lino picking up ink. I wanted it to be a cleaner image so set about cutting away most of the little lines so only the central deliberate shapes remained.

Test Prints - Layer 3

Test Prints – Layer 3

This layer was the layer that took the longest originally to prepare as I had to cut so much away. Again there’s still a lot of extra lines on the test print. So I set about cutting most of these away for a cleaner print.