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Birmingham City University Degree Show 2016

Yesterday evening my husband and I had the privilege of visiting the Birmingham City University Art & Design School end of year show. I say privilege because we were fortunate enough to see one our friends receive an award for her work towards her MA in Architecture and  to have a chance to see all her hard work in person. These kinds of moments are rare and priceless, to us that was the highlight of the evening.

That being said as a creative arts student myself, it seemed a shame to pass up an opportunity to look at the work of other creative students and a chance to see the difference between distance learning and learning in an institution. In the post that follows I’ll share some highlights from the show and my thoughts on the two different methods of study…

Joelle Bolt - MA Architecture Graduate with Award.

Joelle Bolt – MA Architecture Graduate with Award.









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Interesting Illustrators: Owen Gent & Marina Muun.

In the process of researching for projects for degree work I often come across artists, designers, illustrators that I find fascinating. I don’t always make the time to comment on or collate examples of these. Often Pinterest is my chosen place of visual collation – I have boards where I digitally collect images in several different categories. I wanted to take the time to reflect on the work of two illustrators whose work I’ve discovered recently; Owen Gent & Marina Muun.

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