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Exercise Book Cover Designs: Finished Cover’s

So here we go, here’s the finished covers. I’ve tried to capture them altogether, in situate (on a book shelf) and as scans for full access to the designs in their imperfect glory.

The Three front covers

The Three front covers

The Covers next to the real books...

The Covers next to the real books…


Scans of the three covers

Scans of the three covers

The war of the Worlds Finished Cover The Invisible Man Finished Design

Little note – the Invisible Man cover is more green coloured in reality the scanner has made it a sort of dull yellow.

Exercise Book Cover Design: The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man was something I was a bit apprehensive about designing a cover for, but as with the Time Machine having features which tied the book covers together made it easier for me to approach the design.

I knew I needed something to have as a central shape, and something to have as a background pattern. Having not read the book before I spent yesterday morning reading the story in the hope of finding ideas for the design as I read. The problem with invisible man, is that he’s invisible which means asides from things he puts on i.e. the infamous hat, sunglasses, bandages, he’s indistinguishable. So I felt like my choice of central shape was limited to those objects, I chose the hat because I hadn’t seen a cover design with just the hat in the center. I’d seen lots of designs feather a bandaged head, hat and glasses though!

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Exercise Book Cover Design: The Time Machine

I had various different ideas for a cover based on the Time Machine, some included illustrations of a time machine, others the sun at different ages and colours (something the main character see’s on his travels). I considered doing a drawing of the evolution of man as is described in the book down to eventual odd crab like creatures.

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Exercise Book Cover Design – The War of the Worlds

I realize I haven’t really written about my process with designing a cover for ‘The War of the worlds’. The research is all in my sketchbook along with annotation but what I haven’t said is I got to a point where I’d made some designs and they weren’t having the affect I had intended.

I had decided to try paper cutting a scene of the martian tripod creatures approaching the London Skyline, I found a photograph of the London Skyline from 1935 which fitted with when the story was set, as the landmarks that appear in the book, one of which is St.Paul’s cathedral so I looked for that.

Photo of London Skyline - 1935

Photo of London Skyline – 1935

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