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Project 1: Art and Ideas- Exercise 2 pt.2

Is technical skill an important quality in artwork?

Sometimes, I think it really depends on the aim behind the artwork. I think we associate technical skill with a historical view of ‘good’ artwork. It’s also subjective, what I think is technically skilled or shows brilliant skill another might not.

Do you think art needs to move you emotionally?

Yes – but I don’t think that has to be it’s sole purpose or that art is bad if it doesn’t. I mean how do you as an artist predict what emotional response your work will get?

Does art have to be unique?

I think it helps if art is unique, it feels more valuable because it’s different or rare. Does that mean you can’t take something mass produced and call it art? I think that art isn’t just the objects or things presented it’s also the context of presentation, so a mass produced object can become something else when presented or arranged in an unique way that helps you divorce it (in your mind) from it’s original purpose or use.


Project 1: Art and Ideas – Exercise 2 pt.1

What is art?

I think art has a very broad definition and as such it’s hard to pin down what it is because it can be so many things. I think simply, it’s something created or assembled or arranged with thought or meaning, it exists to challenge or stimulate or to console, or reflect on life. I think art is something that comes from a creative person, but I’m not sure it has to come from someone that has a formal background in ‘art’.

How do we know it is art?

I think context helps us to determine if is something is art, so often seeing something in a gallery or on someone’s wall at home, or in a restaurant or shop helps us to decide if that’s art. Obviously there are people who buy or display that art and they help us to decide.

I think the thought or the consideration behind the creator of the work helps us decide if it’s art or not, we struggle to believe something is art if it’s maker didn’t give any thought to how it was created or why it was made.

Who decides what is art?

The individual, the person who made it or assembled it or arranged it, the public, curators, the media. I think it’s very subjective, and based on an individual’s mindsets and beliefs, so one person’s art might be another persons junk, and I think that’s actually okay!

Is it enough just to display a found object and say ‘this is art’ because it’s in an art gallery?

Why not? That clearly causes and provokes a response from the viewer, perhaps its the intention of the work? It causes people to stop and consider and question. Sometimes I think that’s a good thing.

Duchamp said he wanted “to put art back in the service of the mind”. What do you think he meant by this?

I think he’s suggesting that art had become maybe too attached to emotion or eliciting emotion rather than being used to cause the mind to reflect or consider. I think he’s trying to say that art should come from a place of reason or be something considered intellectually not just practical.  That the start point of creativity or art should be conceptual, not merely practical or a ‘felt’ response to something.