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‘Create’ Part 3

I scrawled a few ideas down on a piece of paper which led to my next and final background idea for the postcard.

Create Process page


I’d written about using symbols around the letters to represent how you should create the letters, so for example, if you drew round in cutting lines, you’d know to cut the letters out, that would be your form of creativity.

I liked this idea,so I used the cutting lines to form an edge around the lettering and placed them onto a background which I’d roughly applied strokes of watercolor paint to.

Final Design Image

Final Design Image

I also added in pencil guidelines to the background, to add a feeling of the image just having been created with thought and boundary’s.

Whilst I think the image could look sharper (if I knew how to use software to change it!) i like the overall look. i think the little cutting line edge helps the letters to sit well on the page whilst defining their shape.

I think it does a good job of communicating my love for creativity in lots of forms, but also a love of order and structure, it’s cohesive not random as an image.

Any thoughts?






Create Part Two


In my last post I talked about a pencil outline for the word Create, I had a little experiment using felt tips to turn the outline into a more solid line using Black and Red. I like the weight of the lines given by the pens but it’s much too plain, looking at it doesn’t make you think much of Creativity.

Create Black Outline



Create Red Outline


Having decided the size and shape of the lettering for the word Create  I moved on to finding fabric & paper with prints and patterns of interest.  Below is a photo of the cut out letters in the fabrics I chose.

Chosen Fabric and Paper Lettering

Chosen Fabric and Paper Lettering

I then began to consider what background the lettering should go against. I wanted the background to reinforce the word but not distract too much! It was a nice day outside, and because I take a lot of interest from objects within nature, I thought it might be interesting to get that into the image.

So I took some blue tack and fixed the letters onto the sliding doors in our house, I experimented with a variety of layouts, as you’ll see on the photo’s below.

Create on window closeup Create on window Landscape v.2 Create on window left hand side



While I liked the idea of this, there’s a couple of things that helped me decide not to use these images for the final postcard design.

Firstly the fact you can see the blue tack through the letters, looks pretty rubbish! It wasn’t really a surface I could stick the letters onto without worrying about the glass being marked. I’m not a skilled photographer so I wasn’t sure how to shoot in a way to get the best light, you lose a sense of the pattern and texture of the letter due to the different light levels on the letters.

For example, the ‘E’ looks quite dark, lost, whilst the ‘C’ looks quite transparent. I think it just ends up looking a bit sloppy rather than a coherent image.

I tried out placing the lettering on a few other surfaces; a  wooden chair (I like working on DIY projects, like repainting wood) & a cutting matt.

Lettering on Cutting Mat surface



Create on Wooden Chair - Distance


Create on Wooden Chair- Close up


I quite like the lettering on the Wooden chair, the backdrop isn’t too busy so the word is still legible. But I think it looks to flat, lifeless to be describing creativity.

Part 3 coming up next….


I began looking for inspiration for a postcard around the word ‘Create’ by searching for the word Create using a website called ‘Pinterest’. This wasn’t very fruitful, as I found most of the images were just pretty fonts on pastel backgrounds, not really saying anything just looking pretty.

However I did discover this poster, originally designed by Mihalis Arkopoulos (you can see his website here: http://www.thelightsareneverout.com/index.php) for a Magazine celebrating Berlin.

Berlin by Mihalis Arkopoulos

Berlin by Mihalis Arkopoulos

I really liked how he’d mixed images of Berlin architecture/landmarks with the text by combining the two. I also like how clean/clear the word is, it’s not hard to see what’s being communicated!

It sparked an idea that I could show the different aspects of how I like to create (i.e. sewing, print/pattern), through creating a similar large font cut out from pieces of fabric or paper bags or wallpaper. I collect pieces of fabric, wrapping paper, wallpaper as I love looking at pattern design. So it seemed good to try and incorporate this as one of my interests.

I began to draft up a font:

Making the Create font

Once I was happy with the font I moved on to tracing the letters, to make templates for me to cut around into fabric, paper and wallpapers that I had collected over the years.