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Assignment 5: Your Choice pt.3

Following my tutors report and some feedback from a friend on my critique page (see link to post below) I wanted to make some changes to my book cover designs before sending them off for formal assessment.



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Assignment 5: Your choice – pt.2

I wanted to create a two part post about this assignment because it felt like a two stage process. The first stage was creating all covers for the book series. The second stage involved creating an introductory chapter for the book based on typography.

The brief stipulated that it needed to be referred to as ‘A is for…’ and didn’t need to be a conventional test book. It had to be at least 4 pages long and visually appealing to attract young people into wanting to buy the book…

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Assignment 5: Your Choice – pt.1

This final assignment gave me three options to choose from, I chose the first brief. Brief 1- Book Design – the brief asked me to create a ‘new house style’ for a series of books on design aimed at Children and young people. I then had to create a front cover, back cover and spine design for three books called/on; Colour, Typography and Photographs.

The final element of the brief was to create an introductory chapter called ‘A is for…’ for the book on ‘Typography’. The chapter needed to be at least 4 pages long and interesting enough to capture the attention of young readers…

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