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‘Thinking of You’ – working in Adobe Illustrator

As a beginner level user of Illustrator I had only really developed a  few ways of creating illustrations within the program, mainly those taught to me by friends. As I started working on the card design I went about it in the same way as I already knew, and discovered this wasn’t producing the results I wanted.

My starting method was to take the scan of the girl with the pie and using Photoshop to make the colours cleaner (i.e. the black black and the white, white) I selected the shadows and then dragged and dropped the girl into Illustrator. From there I would use Image trace to turn the image into a vector based image, and begin adding colours from there.

Girl Illustration created using Image Trace

Girl Illustration created using Image Trace

However this time I felt like the Image trace had not achieved the look I’d hoped for. The girl had lost some of the character from the original drawing. So I began to think about other ways of approaching creating the same character in Illustrator.

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