30 Day Drawing Challenge: Illustrating People

I help teach an art lesson to year 3 & 4 of a primary school every Tuesday afternoon. One of the things we often say to the students is that practice makes perfect, or at least you can’t expect to master something on your first attempt. In my personal work I spend a lot of time printing, and often my ideas involve drawings of people. I’d love to start making more linoprint cards and art featuring people in everyday settings or contexts. However to do this I need to put in some practice!

So I set myself a challenge over the course of 30 days, to create illustrations of people. I’ve set the topic of each days drawing already (see the list image below), and I began on Sunday so today I’m on the third day.

Drawing challenge list

Now feels like a good time to admit that I did not come up with idea all by myself! I’ve recently started watching YouTube video’s by the Illustrator Frannerd. She is great fun to watch but perhaps most importantly has set herself drawing challenges to improve or develop her own illustrations. Helpfully she wrote a blog post about her process here. I’m really glad for these kinds of posts because it’s helped me to thoroughly think through what I wanted to develop before starting the challenge.

I think that’s all that needs to be said for now, have a look below for a few photos of the drawings so far…

I will post further pictures into ‘Meet My Sketchbook’


















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