Project 6: ‘Be Brave’

'Be Brave' Linocut

‘Be Brave’ Linocut

I wanted to try generating some letters using linocutting as a technique . In my sketch book I worked on a few different styles of lettering all fitted within the frame of a small off cut of lino I had from my previous lino cuts. I didn’t feel the need to try loads of different kinds of type, I wanted it to be a quite simple print. I’ve been thinking about what it means to ‘be brave’ so this seemed like as good a phrase to use as any. I wanted to keep it simple as I didn’t think adding little embellishment, like stars or dots or stripes to the design would detract from the statement. I then took a photo of my design in the mirror so I could then re-draw the design backwards so that when it was printed it would read properly.

Here’s the first print:

'Be brave' print on Japanese paper

‘Be brave’ print on Japanese paper

Here’s the second:

Printed on brown newsprint

Printed on brown newsprint

Here’s the third:

IMG_1341Looking at these prints now I have mixed feelings. I think the ‘be’ looks a little like ‘Joe’ so maybe I could have given more thought to the design there. I do like the black edge, it frames the print well and the little extra line on the right hand edge almost makes it look a little 3D, which works well. I think the phrase could work well on T-shirts, or bags or Caps. In terms of the prints though I think I like the third print best as it fills the space. I think the top too look a little lost even though they’re on small (A5 ish) pieces of paper.

There’s also room for later experimentation, maybe layering prints over each other, printing it in black and colour on top, or on top of a image or photo. i think because it’s simple in it’s design it could be used in lots of ways.








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