Project 13: Final Comments

Complete series of combination mono and lino prints

Complete series of combination mono and lino prints


I just wanted to give myself a little space to reflect on the series of prints as a whole. I think that the series is much more experimental/dynamic than any prints I’ve produced in previous projects, and this was part of my aim. I feel that they could be improved on, in terms of working to get more accurate colours when printing, and perhaps trying to create a method for a more uniform mono print layer.

On the one hand I think the contrast of styles seen in the cleaner lino print layer against the painterly free hand mono print layer works well. But on the other hand I also feel it maybe looks a little amateurish, like someone still trying to find expression for a feeling.

The concept was to create a series of prints around the theme ‘feels like home’ – for me that meant representing not just textures found in my home (the literal tactile feel to my home) but also expressing emotion around what my home means to me. My feelings about my home are mixed, there’s a desire for home to be a place of joy, safety, warmth, invitation (which it often is) but also a feeling of being trapped at home (often through illness) making it feel confining rather than inviting. I wanted to show that contrast through my prints, and I think that has been achieved when you take the series as a whole. There’s a feeling of unease in the clashes of colour and techniques but also I think a softness to some elements (like the pink in the first print).

I could go on taking my time and refining the prints, but there’s not really the time to keep tweaking and in a sense the looseness of the prints reflects my fluxing emotions towards home.

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