Project 13: ‘Feels Like Home’ – Colour combinations

Before printing my final series of prints. I wanted to spend a little time looking at colour combinations and thinking about what kind feel I wanted to create with colour.

I’d been thinking about contrast colours that would add to a feeling of ‘home’ being a place with mixed feelings. I thought a Red, blue white combination could give an interesting look so worked with some water colour pencils to do a sketch:

Colour Pallette Ideas: Red, Blue & White - page 34 of A4 sketchbook

Color Palette Ideas: Red, Blue & White

It looks a little muted as a water colour sketch but I think this will look really dynamic and interesting once printed. Especially having the red colour for the lino printed layer, it will make it really stand out! I think the red could represent frustration with being home, but the blue a sense of calm and being settled at home. It makes for a slightly confused appearance but I like that.

I found some fabric samples I’d kept and thought cutting squares of those out and arranging them might provide some inspiration for colours, see photo below :

Fabric Swatches - pages 36,37 of A4 sketchbook

Fabric Swatches – pages 36,37 of A4 sketchbook

I then did a couple of large/full scale mock-ups of the 1st and 4th colour swatches as I found these combinations appealed to different things I wanted to express :


Based on Colour Palette 1. - see page 38 of A4 sketchbook

Based on Color Palette 1. – see page 38 of A4 sketchbook

The colour palette above is much sweeter and softer than the red and blue. Hopefully it shows some warmth of feeling towards things that happen in my home. I wanted there to be some feeling of contrast though without looking too bold, I think the green adds this. In reality the orange won’t look as dominant in the print as the painterly technique will soften it (at least I think it will).

Based on colour palette 4 - see page 39 of A4 sketchbook

Based on colour palette 4 – see page 39 of A4 sketchbook

The colour palette in the photo above is distinct again from the previous ones. In all honesty I’m not sure what I could say it convey’s. I guess it feels like the colours might be a little too contrasting, it seems a bit like the orange and the green are fighting for the same amount of focus. It feels less balanced than the other two images, and I think that’s okay when it’s seen in the context of a series of prints. It allows (I think) for there to be a range of sentiments in each print without leaving the viewer feeling too distracted or off put by the contrast in one of the prints. If that makes any sense?

I think I’m happy with the colour combination’s mentioned in this post, enough to have them as my choice for the series of prints, next step is to start the printing process. A note on this though that’s worth explaining – I will print the Lino layer first, so it’s the background layer and the painted mono print will go on top. This is the opposite way round to what’s suggested in my course materials. But it’s with good reason, if I had the mono print underneath the lino print layer would over power/cover areas of it. Having the mono print layer on top allows it to still be visible with some some of the lino showing through, which also reinforces the idea of there being mixed feelings about ‘home’, the layers of the print interact just like the layers of emotion or response do.





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