Project 10: Design ideas continued

In my sketchbook I wrote down a few ideas of theme’s to base an experimental print on. I didn’t want to do anything particularly abstract, (which might have really suited the experimental nature) because this isn’t really something I have much interest in or desire to develop in. I do however enjoy illustrative style and images that represent people or experiences (much like what Jonathan ashworth’s work represents).

Anyhow my possible categories were:

found objects: I collect things like acorns, conkers, pine cones, leaves.”

People: Isabel & Nathan preparing for their baby to be born (friends of mine who are expecting baby). Maybe take photo’s of Isabel and their house as they prepare for the baby?”

I decided to go with creating an experimental print of my friend Isabel or their house, and began by taking some photo’s of her and their house to then use to do some illustrations from for a print. I wanted to make the illustration in a similar style to Darling Clementine design, using simple lines and shapes. My aim was to create something that didn’t have to look exactly like my friend but rather represented her excitement and joy in preparing for the baby.

After a few drawings I felt like this one was the best quality and could work well as an interesting print:

'Isabel' Drawing used to form basis of print design

‘Isabel’ Drawing used to form basis of print design

I began thinking about what tools I would use and what surface I would use when it occurred to me I could try and create a print using not only different tools to mark the surface but different surfaces.

I wrote down my thoughts and a rough sketch of how that design might be in my sketchbook:


The idea was that the curtains could be printed with the back of some plastic which had an interesting texture, to make it clear the curtains were different to the walls. The walls would be printed with polystyrene for it’s slightly painterly effect and I would mark the polystyrene with a craft knife for subtle stripes like wallpaper. Then the illustration of Isabel would be a lino cut with elements cut by different tools – the pattern on her dress created by some mini screw drivers, and the crosses in the chair created by a different screwdriver.

I wanted the image to seem quite delicate/sweet and thought that the size of the print and the paper it was framed by would affect this. So I cut some different sizes of paper and took some photo’s to help me decide what sizes of paper I wanted to print on.

9 inch high by 7 inch wide

9 inch high by 7 inch wide

This layout reminds me of the shape of a Polaroid picture and think aids the image looking sweet and like it’s the capturing of a time that’s worth celebrating/remembering. I will print on this size/shape/layout of paper.

7 inch by 7 inch square

7 inch by 7 inch square

I wanted to try a frame that was very close the size of the original image. But I think it actually looks quite odd and doesn’t make the image look as interesting as the Polaroid shaped paper frame above. I won’t be using it as a frame for the print.

12 inch by 12 inch square

12 inch by 12 inch square

This paper is over twice the size of the original print and whilst it could look like the image is dwarfed I think it makes the image seem even more like a miniature and a delicate piece. Which is the affect I was looking to achieve, so I’ll print on this size paper.

More to come on the printing process soon….




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