Printmaking 2: Assignment 1 – Project 3 Landscape Composition

I began this project with another trip to IKEA Coventry to do an A3 (or nearly A3) pencil sketch of the city centre. I used the drawing below as the initial inspiration for the project:


Sketch of Coventry City Centre from IKEA.

As I drew the image I tried to focus on some areas of smaller more intricate details, i.e. windows as well as large block shapes created by the roofs and forms of the buildings. I thought this would give me more variation when it came to planning my composition in lino.




As per the project instructions I worked on tracing paper rectangles to consider composition before carving the lino block for the first colour grey prints.


Lino block ready for printing in grey.










5 prints with first colour layer.










Close up of grey layer.








I prepared the block for carving the black areas by using a brush pen to draw in black the areas I felt would best work in the black. I then proceeded to carve the block feeling happy that the black areas added contrast and sharpness to the print overall.

Carved black print layer on lino block.










However I realise this is where I didn’t complete the task as suggested. I must’ve misread the project and instead of then carving additional areas away I to print multiple different black layers I only printed the same black layer 5 times.

Did making abstract compositions from your drawings change how you thought about the scene?

Yes, making the abstract compositions changed the way I looked at the scene. It certainly caused me to consider the shapes and form of the buildings in the city centre much more clearly than previously. Prior to that I think I took the scene in as a whole rather than seeing it as an series of shapes or blocks which interact with each other.

Which print did you find the most balanced and which the least successful?

In order for me to answer this question I would need to actually re-print the grey layer and the black layer with some variations. So unfortunately I can’t answer this question at the moment!

Did adding tone change the balance and interest of the composition?

Yes it’s clear from the final image that adding the black areas caused the grey to recess and the white areas to seem starker. I think the contrast between the white areas and the black gave the image an edge to it. The grey helped give a sense of the broader dimensions of buildings, a sort of background or foundation of sorts, which balanced the image out.



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