Assignment 4: project 12 – researching collagraph/collatype printing

I was finding thinking about composition of the collage block difficult and couldn’t think of a way to help myself improve when it struck me I hadn’t really looked into other artists who use this method. ¬†I began searching Google and pinterest for artist working on ‘Collatype’ printing. ¬†However this word seemed to only bring up work made by students on the same course. This was interesting to look at but I also wanted to find some more in depth work by practicing artists.

I saw that Google offered a different term, ‘Collagraph’ printing to describe the same process so began searching pinterest using that and found a wealth of images and video’s on the subject.

Through that research I discovered a group called the ‘Double Elephant Print Workshop’ and an artist of runs the organisation Lynn Bailey. I found her demonstration of Collagraph printing really helpful, you can see a link to it below:

The video helped me consider other mediums that could work for printing. And also helped me to see how building up thin layers of texture would give a better overall impression. And i think I’ll try her application method for applying ink to the block, using a tooth brush.

Here’s an example of her work:



I also found work by another Artist called Sue Lowe of interest:

Forest collagraph by Sue Lowe

Forest collagraph by Sue Lowe


Sue Lowe Somerset Collagraph

Sue Lowe Somerset Collagraph

I really like the different approach to the image above in that the image is cut up almost but still retain a sense of wholeness as the plants, object flow up the pieces to the sun at the top. I also like how it has a painterly feel to it, it doesn’t look like a collage piece or something attempted but unsuccessful. It helps me to think different about this project/see some of the beautiful things that can be achieved in this medium.

In my research I also wanted to find close-up examples of what materials people made their blocks from. I found a few of interest:

Collagraph board created using glue, modelling clay and styrofoam

Collagraph board created using glue, modelling clay and styrofoam

The image above came from a blog called ‘my printmaking journey’ which an artist shares his experience teaching others how to print. You can read that here:

Below are a few more images which show different ideas, unfortunately none of the artist were named in the images/links so I’m not sure whose work it is, it’s not mine though!

card cut out for collgraph printing

Card cut out for Collgraph printing


House collage being printed




Collatype by artist

Collatype by artist

Having looked at this work I generated a list of thinks I wanted to use to make texture/build up my collatype print from: modelling paste, glue, plants/natural material, textured wallpaper, brown paper, bubble wrap, various fabrics.

I then set about drawing up ideas from the second landscape photo as i felt more interested by the landscape in it than in the first photo….



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  3. Mrs. Fish

    This is an excellent group of information! I want to teach the process to my high school students, but Google searches are a bunch of not-so-great examples. Thank you for sharing!

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