Project 3: Two coloured masked monoprints

I began working towards this Project yesterday. And so far it’s not had too many great results.

The tricky part of this Project seems to be getting the hang of Registering the paper both times so that the different masks line up without a gap or blurring. I haven’t yet managed to get a perfectly aligned two coloured monoprint.

Yesterdays attempt’s looked like this:

My first go at a 'Two coloured masked monoprint'

My first go at a ‘Two coloured masked monoprint’

As you can see I’ve managed to either move the paper as I printed or (which I suspect is the case) I’m managing to move the printing plate, and haven’t got the lining up right as well.

I’d cut out four versions of the same masks so I gave it four attempts. Here’s the second one, I reversed the colours this time though to see how it looked.


Second attempt at 'Two coloured masked monoprints'

Second attempt at ‘Two coloured masked monoprints’

The registration is better than the previous print but still out by quite a large margin. At least for the small leaf in the top right hand corner it looks like a more purposeful white outline. But the bottom leaf just looks ugly!

Feeling a little bit like I’d not achieved much I allowed myself to do a few experimental ghost prints with back drawing on. Here’s one as whole and then a close up photo to show the detail of the back drawing.

back drawing on ghost print


Close up of back drawing


Today’s attempts look like this:

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Project 4: ‘Head of a Girl’

In preparation for doing a print based on the painting ‘Head of a Girl’ I did a watercolour version, just to think about composition and size.

Original Artist Painting alongside my Watercolor version

Original Artist Painting alongside my Watercolor version

Whilst it’s clear they don’t look the same, I don’t mind, I’m not going for exactly the same image but rather a similar feel. I didn’t like how large/dominant the girls shoulder looked in my watercolor version. So I took it out of the print version.

Here’s the print version:

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Project 4: ‘Large Landscape’

I’d seen a view near my house walking home the other day which I took a photo of, as I figured it could be inspiration for my Landscape print. I love the sense of layers in the view, there’s the cars and road which draw your eye to the large houses at the center, and then beyond rows and rows of tree’s mixed in with houses.




As I looked at this photo I wanted to do a preliminary sketch to help me decide what techniques/colours I’d use in the print. So I did a coloured pencil sketch using different colours to highlight the different layers of technique and colours in my sketchbook.

Sketchbook drawing

Sketchbook drawing

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Project 4:Two Coloured Masked Objects

I had originally thought to create a print based on objects I found within the Herbert gallery using painting on the plate and back drawing. But I chose to base the print on a pair of shoes I found, and thought their shape would be simple enough to make an effective two coloured mask.

Children's Shoes 1800's

Children’s Shoes 1800’s

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Project 4: Abstract Textured Print

My final print is one that I want to be much more lose with. I’ve started with a print taken from the printing plate having already impressed linen on top to give a texture.

Linen Strips and Textured print

Linen Strips and Textured print



I’d like to use a series of colours in this print, a light blue, light grey, dark grey, yellow and orange.

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Review of Personal work towards ‘Assignment 1 Monoprints’

Demonstration of technical and Visual Studies

I would place my work between a low B and a mid C for demonstration of technical skills and I feel my work shows clear attempts at the required techniques and at times a good level of thought/contemplation of design and compositional skills. I would say that I need to make better use of my sketchbook as a place to draw up designs/compositional arrangements for prints, rather than experimenting as I go and commenting in my learning log. I don’t think I was consistent enough in this area to describe my work as displaying ‘complete fluency of technical and visual skills’ (A standard).

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