Exercise: Working to a Brief – Brief 1

Brief 1:

What am I being asked to do?

Create packaging for a product, ‘chilled creamy oats’ for an established company, ‘Quaker’s’. The product has a targeted audience – “young women juggling many jobs and priorities everyday”.

What are the key words?

key words include: “chilled creamy oats”, “truly delicious healthy snack” – both could be seen on the packaging. “young women”, also sense of busyness of targeted audience. Suggests client is looking for something that is exciting/fresh looking and convenient, stops the women thinking of oats as “bland and unappealing”.

How will the client judge a successful outcome?

Client is looking for something to appeal to a young female audience and wanting to persuade them that their product is a quick way of having a “truly delicious healthy snack”. This suggests to me that they are looking for something that is new/current in style/bright? But that also communicates health benefit and convenience.  It’s upon those factors that they’ll judge how successful the outcome is.

Additional Questions:

I would ask whether they want me to design what would go on the packaging, or whether they want me to design the packaging and design – so do they want me to think about shape and materials and printing methods as well and colours/text and images.

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