Exercise: Visualising your ideas

My next idea was around thinking about shapes that represent parks, naturally parks are often full of tree’s so I thought maybe I could create something with the shape of a tree as a leaflet.

I didn’t want to just have the whole leaflet in the shape of a tree rather have the shape feature. it occurred to me that the inside folds could be in the shape of a tree, and have it open to make the folds accessible. Rather than me drawing this (which may have been wiser) I just went straight to the paper prototype.

Love parks design 2 - front

Love parks design 2 – front

Love parks design 2 - Open

Love parks design 2 – Open

Love parks 2 - unfolded

Love parks 2 – unfolded

This isn’t quite what I’d visualised in my mind. It looks more like a Christmas card design as the tree’s really look like what you might cut out as a Christmas tree design, and the way I’ve cut them out (one shape cut out of paper folded up) just emphasizes that. And the point where the tree’s are connected is so fragile that I don’t think practically it would hold together.


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