Exercise: Visualising your ideas – Design 4

Having found an image of a spade online I quickly saw how my first spade design did resemble a handbag rather than a spade. So worked on elongating the handle, changing the shape of it and making the spade part a more shaped piece rather than a square. I liked the brown paper and green for the handle of the second design so kept these as features.

Spade Design 3 - front

Spade Design 3 – front

Spade Design 3 - open

Spade Design 3 – open

Spade Design 3 - unfolded

Spade Design 3 – unfolded

I did find that I had to crop the folded paper slightly to get it to sit without being visible before opening. I wasn’t sure if this would mean that I couldn’t get the 4 chunks of 120 words in the small space, so I designed text boxes in word and wrote 120 words in each cutting them out to see if they’d fit into the spaces provided.

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