Exercise: Visualising your ideas – Design 3

Rethinking the idea of an envelope that looked like ground it occurred to me I could try just a simple brown paper envelope. And that I could write on the envelope a slogan or something about the volunteering task so people knew something about what the thing inside the envelope might be about. I wrote in pencil “Save Your Park”. As a rough idea.



Looking at this in reality I wasn’t happy with it, I didn’t think it would grab people’s attention and therefore attract new people in the way the brief described. So having a little think I thought maybe adding some grass like green card onto the brown envelope would enhance it looking like a spade cutting into the ground. So I gave it a shot on a new envelope.



I still wasn’t convinced this actually looked any good, rather than looking like something aimed at children (which would be fine but the brief didn’t say the target audience were children).

I was showing a friend the design and she said it looked fine, and then I asked her what did she think it was. She said she thought some kind of bag and that the spade didn’t really look like a spade in terms of it’s handle or bottom half. I agreed with her and so suspended working on the envelope to print out a picture of a real spade to use for redesigning the leaflet.

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