Exercise: Abstract Cities – Malmo

Malmo is a city within Sweden, I looked to the rough guide to start my research into the city.


I also found the local website helpful in helping me get a feel for the city itself:


Inspirational Images:

Turning torso tower

Turning torso tower

The tuning torso is apparently a big tourist attraction in the city. I quite like the colours of the buildings below it though.

malmo street 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmarket

Colourful houses

Colourful houses

Lots of the buildings seem to be a grey or brown colour but they are spots of bolder coloured buildings scattered around the city. The architecture of the buildings is simple, clean lines but lots of windows!

Lilla Torg

Lilla Torg

Lilla Torg - Square

Lilla Torg – Square

Lilla Torg – is another tourist attraction and has some quite quaint features like the lamp sculpture in the picture above.

I took a lot of my inspiration in terms of colours and lines from the first Lilla Torg photo. I’m not sure if the result is quite right as I don’t feel it fully reflects the colours of the city but I like it’s clean lines and simplicity.


Malmo Cover - designed in Photoshop

Malmo Cover – designed in Photoshop


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