I began looking for inspiration for a postcard around the word ‘Create’ by searching for the word Create using a website called ‘Pinterest’. This wasn’t very fruitful, as I found most of the images were just pretty fonts on pastel backgrounds, not really saying anything just looking pretty.

However I did discover this poster, originally designed by Mihalis Arkopoulos (you can see his website here: http://www.thelightsareneverout.com/index.php) for a Magazine celebrating Berlin.

Berlin by Mihalis Arkopoulos

Berlin by Mihalis Arkopoulos

I really liked how he’d mixed images of Berlin architecture/landmarks with the text by combining the two. I also like how clean/clear the word is, it’s not hard to see what’s being communicated!

It sparked an idea that I could show the different aspects of how I like to create (i.e. sewing, print/pattern), through creating a similar large font cut out from pieces of fabric or paper bags or wallpaper. I collect pieces of fabric, wrapping paper, wallpaper as I love looking at pattern design. So it seemed good to try and incorporate this as one of my interests.

I began to draft up a font:

Making the Create font

Once I was happy with the font I moved on to tracing the letters, to make templates for me to cut around into fabric, paper and wallpapers that I had collected over the years.



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