Commit/Commitment: Part 6

At the same time as considering how to express Commitment visually I was looking for layout inspiration for my postcard when I came across some packaging I’d kept from Starbucks Coffee.

I keep lots of packaging because I really admire the design/aesthetic. I found this packet really appealed, and it gave a idea to design my postcard as if I were selling a blend of coffee called ‘Commitment’.


Starbucks Coffee Packaging

Starbucks Coffee Packaging

I then set about combining images of the women from the World War II posters with a similar layout to the coffee packaging design. Here’s my first two designs:

Commitment Blend Coffee design - Ribbon layout

Commitment Blend Coffee design – Ribbon layout


Commitment Blend - version two

Commitment Blend – version two


Whilst I liked the drawings and felt they conveyed a sense of grit and determination, like I’d wanted to I felt that this looked like quite a bleak representation of ‘commitment’. I did however really like the way the designs looked taking elements of the coffee packaging, it sat together nicely.

It occurred to me I could bring an element of my original design (with the image of the knot) back into the design at this point, if I chose to remove the ladies. I thought this might lift the design, making it look more light hearted/ joyful not just tough.

Here’s to design drawings including a knot illustration.

Commitment Blend - using knot illustration

Commitment Blend – using knot illustration

I prefer these designs as there’s much more room to add brighter colours, add a sense of celebrating the result of commitment (and determination) , you might be able to make out I drew some circles and streamers in pencil on the designs, to give it that celebration feel.

I was happy this was more the direction I wanted to take the design in so then move into trying to create these more professionally using In Design and Illustrator. More on that in the Next post…


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