Commit/Commitment: Part 4

Looking back over my design for the commitment postcard I was still unsure it was communicating what I wanted it too, in the style I wanted it to. Perhaps I’m being overly critical but it just didn’t look as smooth or polished as I’d hoped.

I wanted to see if making a similar image using different techniques would produce a better result. So I thought I’d give making a similar image in a program called GIMP a go. Now I’m not very experienced with this software so perhaps I was being to ambitious.

I began by thinking if I drew the characters in stages: so a layer for the outline, a layer for clothes, a layer for hair. I could add these into GIMP stage by stage and alter the colour/lines and bring it altogether in one final image.

I’d seen others do this successfully so began drawing layers using tracing paper and scanning them into my computer:

Layer one - outline of boy

Layer one – outline of boy

layer two - boys clothes

Layer two – boys clothes

Layer three - boys hair and shoes

Layer three – boys hair and shoes

I then re-drew an Knot and scanned that in, thinking I’d add that to the image later on.

The Knot

The Knot

However what I didn’t realize was that the scanned image meant the layers wouldn’t be visible on top of each other unless I cut the character out bit by bit and made that the layer.

So what I ended up with was a weak faded image, as i tried to make the layers transparent enough to show through each other.

Tying the Knot remake

I tried to give the knot a knotted texture using a pattern from GIMP, but I think this looks quite tacky/odd next to boy who looks more hand drawn.

Unsure of how to resolve the problems I thought that if I just redrew the design as whole and scanned that in and had it as one layer to edit it might work better.

So i drew this design, as carefully as I could ensuring all the lines met and the line was a strong black. I also modified the female character to make her more securely hold the rope.


New Design of Outline

New Design of Outline

However after hours of tweaking and using the paint fill button, and searing for background papers etc this is what I’ve got, and I’m not happy with it!

New Tying the KnotI’m either going to use the very first design or rethink the whole design and not use the characters at all…







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