Commit/Commitment Part 3

I felt like the illustration I’d worked on following my research in Oliver Jeffers had gone fairly well.

So I then thought the next best thing would be work on honing and refining it.

It felt a little lost on a big white sketchbook background. So I cut the characters and the knot out of sketchbook and looked for a background to sit them on top of. I found some brown paper, and felt like I made a nice solid textured backdrop without detracting too much attention away from the characters.

Illustration in progress (before cutting out)

Illustration in progress
(before cutting out)

After cutting out from sketchbook

After cutting out from sketchbook

I thought this looked better than the initial version, much more together but still wasn’t happy.

I re-sized the image using GIMP (an online image editing  program like Photoshop). See the result below…

Tying the Knot Resized

I think these does look like the best refinement of the design. But I’m still not sure that I like the design. It just looks a little random!

We’re in real time now so the next posts I do will be reflecting as I go rather than retrospectively.

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