Commit/Commitment Part 2 – Artist research

I really admire an artist/illustrator called Oliver Jeffers. I’d been watching a few video’s on how he works, what inspires him on YouTube  I found this the most helpful in terms of showing his techniques and thought processes:

I also came across this great interview/article about him online:

What I most admire about his work is his ability to communicate about values without being too serious, his children’s picture books, are funny but with a message underneath.

Thinking about all this it seemed like it might be good to include something with illustrated characters (like Jeffer’s uses in his books) so I began working on some characters to incorporate in a postcard design.

I then thought I could try and incorporate an knot in a sort of story with the characters. I came up with the idea of three characters, two pulled either side of a rope to form a knot, and one narrating the scene. You can see the result in progress below:

Illustration in progress

Illustration in progress


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