Assignment 4: Exercise – Lorum Ipsum

I was a little unsure what this exercise was asking me to do so I had a little nosy at other students blog’s to see how they’d tackled it. I found this blog helpful, as it was very clear:

I started by trying to copy the layout and designs of a ‘Mollie Makes’ article which I felt worked. Here’s the original:

Mollie Makes Issue 33 - pg.35

Mollie Makes Issue 33 – pg.35

And here’s my version using the dummy text – Lorum Ipsum:

Fake Mollie Makes

Fake Mollie Makes

I didn’t have exactly the same fonts as the article used so used my sample book of typefaces (from a previous project) to try and find suitable alternatives. There were actually four different fonts used in the heading/subheading.

1. A script based font for the title – I used ‘Amatic’ 48pt.

2. An italic Serif font – Bell MT 12pt.

3. Another Serif font – Baskerville Old Face 6pt.

4. A San Serif font for names – Arial Bold 6pt.

For the main text I used a Serif font, Baskerville Old Face in 10pt. Text is aligned left and ragged, new paragraphs are indented. But there are some spaces between paragraph’s where headings have been added. It was fairly simple with two columns to the page.

I tried to replicate a Vogue article, here’s the original:

Vogue April 2014 p.188

Vogue April 2014 p.188

And here’s my version:

Fake vogue article

I found the article’s layout harder to copy as there were images across sveral parts of the article, I decided to add a grey tinted box where the largest photo was and to place the text in as similar position as in the article.

For the heading I used two fonts (technically three):

1. A Serif font – Century Schoolbook Italic 36pt.

2. A Serif font – Century Schoolbook Regular 36pt.

3. A Sans Serif font – Century Gothic 11pt.

For the main body of text only one:

1. Century Schoolbook pt.11

The paragraphs are Justified Right with the last line aligned left. Paragraph’s are indicated with indentation rather than spaces, which does make for quite a block of text! There are three columns in the original article but I wasn’t sure how to replicate it in the same way…

I wanted to try one more article, so chose the Time magazine, here’s the original:

Time Magazine  Nov 24, 2014 pg.10

Time Magazine Nov 24, 2014 pg.10

Here’s my version:

Fake Time Magazine

Fake Time Magazine

I tried to take more care of page settings at the point of making the document. This meant I set the page height and width in Indesign to the same as that of the article. I also set boundary lines for where the text & images began, so there’s a big chunk of space at the top like in the article.

Again there were multiple fonts in the heading/subheading:

1. Main heading – Franklin Gothic Heavy 18pt.

2. Sub heading – Franklin Gothic Book 16pt

3. Author name – Franklin Gothic Heavy 9pt.

For the main text I used a Serif font, Lucida Bright in the odd size of 8.5pt as I found the 9pt a little larger than the article’s font.

I found this layout a little more complex as there were three columns and lines between the columns. The alignment is left and paragraph’s are indented, the text is very small so looks quite dense.




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