The Outcome: Poster for Rationale 2

Water colour & Pen poster for rationale 2

Water colour & Pen poster for rationale 2

The image above is the first poster design for rationale 2. I tried to make use of elements of the saxophones shape as ways to place the information clearly but simply for the audience to read. Rationale 2 is all about using as little information as possible in the poster whilst leaving the essential information for people to find out about the event.

I also tried to make it more summery using bright colours, water colour paint and drawing in a daisy chain around the saxophone. I think this works fairly well.

Linocut & pen poster for rationale 2

Linocut & pen poster for rationale 2

This is a linocut print of a saxophone which I’ve drawn text over with a black fine liner. The size of the print  was limited by the size of lino which I had, hence it’s an A4 print sat within an A3 sized piece of paper.

I think this worked much better in theory than in practice. I had thought creating the poster using a printing method would add nice texture, but I think it’s actually quite hard to read the text on the top.

Which poster do you guys prefer and why?

What could I do to improve the design?


8 thoughts on “The Outcome: Poster for Rationale 2

  1. Lorsen

    I can’t currently click on the second image (the print) and so can’t properly compare the two. These are my comments so far though… Similar to my comments on the Rationale 1 poster, I appreciate the style of the drawing (and that’s obviously a good thing!) but I feel I can’t read the important information easily enough for a poster (these are more suitable for a gallery or a book where you can read them close up). I particularly like the lettering of ‘Bands in the Park’ in the watercolour (you’ve got a nice style of font writing – quirky, indy vibe), but even this aspect of the poster is not the easiest to see from a distance. There’s obviously a lot of empty space in both posters which I think needs to be utilised – so maybe ‘Bands in the Park’ should be ‘sounding out’ from the sax rather than sitting in it – this may add a more energetic element to the image too. I think to limit the info to the keys may mean you can’t get your message across as simply and plainly (legibly) as is necessary. Perhaps if you change the aspect / view of the sax or distorted it to feature huge keys (or whatever) this would help. Just a few thoughts!

  2. Christy Archer Post author

    Hi Lorsen,
    Thanks for you comments, I’d missed a link to the second image’s original file but I’ve sorted that now so you should be able to view that image up close.


    Hi Christy,

    I really love the idea behind this poster, of an iconic image which says something through just what it is, but then reveals more as you look further into it. I guess there’s a tricky balance between making something which is artistic and has that sense of looking further into to discover more, and the fact that it’s a poster, so needs to tell you the basic details quickly and succinctly! A poster is really there to sell something to you, and I feel that both posters, at their present size, would not instantly grab a person and tell them exactly what they need to know.

    I wonder if with this second poster, there might be the option of having that iconic sax in the middle of the A3 page, and then along the top having the title of the event, and along the bottom the date and time, both in the same colour as the sax, but nice a bold font. These letters could be stamped as well, but as a separate stamp, and therefore the page could be filled up a bit more… So this would instantly make sure the viewer knows what it is their looking at. Then having more information inside the sax design itself like you’ve done here.

    So in summary, I prefer this design, as it feels more modern and iconic, whilst the materials used give it a ‘arty’ feel which fits the event, but I feel there needs to be more clarity on key information 🙂


  4. Dana

    Hello Christy,
    I really like the lettering, it is jazzy and folksy, it befits the feel of what the event could look like.
    I also really like the mustard yellow of the sax. It is retro baby:)

    I feel that the shape of the sax is constraining the flow and the movement of what you are advertising.
    I think that the daisies are trying to give movement, but they are held still inside of the sax shape.

    Maybe allow some movement outside of the sax, with some of the words jaunting about with the daisies?


    1. Dana

      A poster primarily needs to catch your eye. Information follows after.
      Your selling a groovy, edgy, quirky indi vibe, laid back, cool musical experience.
      The image need to hold the essence of that. Your eye needs to see that first.
      Where your eye falls, the rest follows:)

  5. Maria

    Hi Christy,

    I really, really like the lino print and the feel it gives as well as the yellow colour. I am thinking there could be more colour! Following on from your question regarding colour for the first poster I had a quick browse and it looked like yellow, dark red and black are colours usually used for advertising jazz events:
    There are some nice examples with regards to font size and font placement I think like this one: (which is also lino print, I think…)
    But because the events are happening in the park you wouldn’t want it to have such a heavy feel to it – having been to the events before, it is quite jolly actually! So here’s a colour scheme of a jazz event poster I thought was quite nice: and the mustard yellow goes beautifully with it.

    I like your saxophone motif but also the fact that you used Daisys to hint at the fact that it is summery and outdoors and I think – as Dana said – that there could be more dynamic movement beyond the sax involving the daisies and the info. Here was another sax poster that had a similar idea:

    Just some thoughts…


  6. Helen Brown

    Hi Christy,

    You’ve got a good idea here and a lovely writing and drawing style. I really like the handmade vibe as it gets across an event springing up from a community, rather than being corporate and a bit austere. I particularly like the daisy chain winding around as it adds a playful touch to an iconic image and locates the event the park.

    I quite like having information that you find in the keys, but I also like people’s suggestions above. I guess it depends what you want to go for. With putting the information in the keys you’re asking the reader to look into the poster to find the information they want. This could be ok. The comments above are perhaps suggesting ways to get the information across more quickly. So Ben’s suggestion would get the essential information across at a glance- I can picture his suggestion and think it could look great-more direct, pared back. Dana and Lorsen’s comments suggest movement- so your eye would follow the words as they came like visual music out of the mouth of the sax or flowing from the daisy chain. As they’ve suggested this would create energy and might make it easier to read as it creates narrative for your eye to follow. If you were going to go with creating more movement in this way you could tip the sax back in the image (as if someone was lifting it playing it)? Not sure…might just look naff!

    As I said, it depends what you want to go for- something you need to look into a bit to get the information, an at a glance image or something with more movement…

    Of rationale 1 and 2, I prefer 2 as it’s simpler and gets the image across with more immediacy.

    On a practical note if the event is every Sun you’d better include this information in the poster. So you could just write in Sun just before the dates.

    Hope this helps : )

  7. Christy Archer Post author

    Thanks everyone for your comments, I’ve had a read through and found them very helpful. You’ve helped me to clarify what I want to achieve in the poster and helped me come up with ideas to adapt the design to make it work more successfully as a poster.
    Mainly I’ve picked up on recurring comments about the information needing to much clearer/dominant on the poster and there being a lack of flow/movement in the design. Both are things that I feel the poster needs to have to be successful.
    I’ll put another post up soon with sketches/new designs that have come off the back of your feedback.

    Thanks again!


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