Project 2: Exercise 1 – The Fourth Dimension

Thoughts about Time

I guess I’ve thought about time before but not in relation to art work or the art world. I think culturally my generation or perhaps the generation that followed mine has a preoccupation with making the most of time, the phrase ‘Yolo’ (you only live once) is used as mantra by lots of people for living in the moment. I think that sometimes sneaks into motivating Modern Art’s more extreme or bold works.

It’s hard to imagine a world outside of time. We are constrained in many ways by time, night and day, as measures of time. There are times when time can’t seem to go fast enough, or we wish time was slower looking back on a good period of our lives. There are periods of my life that I look at and feel like I was aged by them significantly, but the reality is I only aged a year based on my birthday.

I’m sure I’ve seen art based on time but of the top of my head I couldn’t think of it, so I had a look at the ‘Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms’, by Simon Wilson and Jessica Lack and made mention of Bruce Nauman as an artist in the 1960’s who made use of time-based media.

I found a couple of links to articles talking about his installation of corridors in galleries and filming of people travelling down these corridors. I’m really not sure how to write about them or what they say about time to be honest…


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