Project 1: Art and Ideas- Exercise 2 pt.2

Is technical skill an important quality in artwork?

Sometimes, I think it really depends on the aim behind the artwork. I think we associate technical skill with a historical view of ‘good’ artwork. It’s also subjective, what I think is technically skilled or shows brilliant skill another might not.

Do you think art needs to move you emotionally?

Yes – but I don’t think that has to be it’s sole purpose or that art is bad if it doesn’t. I mean how do you as an artist predict what emotional response your work will get?

Does art have to be unique?

I think it helps if art is unique, it feels more valuable because it’s different or rare. Does that mean you can’t take something mass produced and call it art? I think that art isn’t just the objects or things presented it’s also the context of presentation, so a mass produced object can become something else when presented or arranged in an unique way that helps you divorce it (in your mind) from it’s original purpose or use.


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