Assignment 5: Tutor Feedback & Re-writing Essay

I wanted to take some time to reflect on my response to my tutors feedback on assignment 5. I’ll try and be clear about practical changes, where I’ve added or re-written elements of the essay and worked on any other feedback my tutor gave me.

Practical/Clarifying changes:

My tutor mentioned that she struggled to find all the location of all of the exercises towards part five of the module, so some time was spent creating clear categories under the Creative Arts section of my blog so that all the relevant assignments were clearly accessible. I think this should solve that problem now.

I also make sure to sort of simple issues like incorrect arrangement of authors (I’d somehow muddled them up) in my reference list. Finally I made sure to check my use of abbreviations – something I realised my tutor had corrected me for on each assignment.

Additional or re-written/re-considered arguments:

In terms of my tutor’s feedback, she asked a lot further questions, and all of these seemed reasonable ones, that could have been considered further in the essay. What I tried to do was focus on addressing some of these more accurately in re-writing my essay.

She made the point that my “introduction would have benefited from some brief contextualisation of this building”, and the need to do “a bit of ‘scene setting’. I focused on re-writing the introduction, trying to give the reader a better sense of the ‘Arts & Crafts’ history within the building and then led onto my arguments about how textiles were being used in some part to add to the sense of the buildings ‘art’s and crafts’ background. I did a bit more research and referenced another book specifically on the history of the Arts & Crafts; The Arts and Crafts Movement by Elizabeth Cumming & Wendy Kaplan.

In her feedback my tutor mentioned considering the ‘choice of decor in relation to the specific function of the building now as a restaurant and hotel”, and touched upon possible use of textiles/ascetic as a “marketing strategy on the part of the owners of Hampton”. I wanted to touch upon this in my essay so did a bit more research and found an interesting Critics review; Hampton Manor; Solihull’s Hotel with Soul in the Telegraph Travel section. I found it interesting to read that the reviewer commented on particularly the colour scheme of areas of Hampton Manor and I tried to incorporate this as part of considering how textiles may be being used as a strategy to improve perception amongst critics and customers.

My tutor touched upon the use of ‘natural’ or hand-made things as possible something to do with nostalgia, and I know that’s a key theme within visual culture today but couldn’t think of how to convey that in an argument in my essay. I know there’s always room to improve an essay and I could’ve carried on considered the question my tutor proposed but I felt like the essay had reached a point where I’d clearly explained, and provided evidence on each of my arguments and had reached a decent conclusion. I worried that making the essay any longer would detract from the quality of the writing, so I left my changes there.


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