Assignment 1: Part A – Reflective learning

At the beginning of Part One I was asked the question ‘What is art?’ Have my views changed or not, explain why. Explain how they’ve changed if this is the case:

I think my view of what art is has changed somewhat. At the start of the course I thought I was fairly open or liberal with my view of art was. But I discovered particularly through the Assignment piece that I did hold some quite traditional mind-sets about what art was. I think what enabled me to move past those mind-sets was a new understanding of form. I was able to approach pieces that took non-traditional form because I had a way to analyse them by their construction. I think at first I felt overwhelmed by the breadth of what we now call art, but now I feel I have more tools with which to analyse and understand it. I also have come to see that views that I thought were more cynical (e.g. successful artists court sponsors) have some grounding in truth. I hadn’t realised how commercial some parts of contemporary art were.

Reflections of what I’ve learnt in Part 1:

One thing that has perhaps cemented in me is the belief that art is subjective, I don’t have to like everything that is art to be an artist. That I don’t have to like the subject matter in order to appreciate the concept or skill with which an artist has approached a subject.

I’ve learnt to move further away from simply giving an initial emotional response to a piece of art work to being able to consider it from several angles. I’ve learnt to consider the form of the piece, the context, the view of critics and use that to come to a developed personal response. This is still something I’m practising!


Reflections on Learning Log:

I think some aspects of my learning log work well. Having a blog means that including links to any critics reviews or articles I read is simple, and I find it easier to make notes as I go by typing. I think that I am starting to develop the ability to use my learning log as a place to reflect more effectively, going beyond my initial response to pulling together arguments based on multiple viewpoints. However I do think that I need to increase the amount I visit exhibitions of contemporary art in my area. I didn’t have any idea of what was around until it was required by the course to visit a local gallery. I can see now how this could help inform my own practice. I found seeing Fiona Banner’s exhibition particularly interesting from a graphic design/typography creation stand point. She will be someone I look to reference in my own work. Namely as an example of someone working with the form of neon, for a conceptual idea rather than just a design or aesthetic appeal.

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