My name is Christy, you might already know that, but if not, now you do!

This little site is being kindly created with the help of my Husband Dan…

I’m a student studying with the OCA (Open College of the Arts), they offer distance learning courses and degrees. I’ll be using this blog as place for my ‘learning log’ for my degree in Creative Arts.

Whats a learning log I hear you say? – It’s a place where you talk about the projects your working on, learn to critique and evaluate your own work.

You’ll find mostly my thoughts on my work to begin with, but as I get further into my degree there should also be input from my tutors and hopefully course mates!

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  1. Kerr

    HI, there! I’m a professor of art history at MICA, and happened to come across your blog while doing some online reading on visual studies. I was particularly interested in one passage that you cite, apparently from an article on Visual Studies: “Culture is thus produced in complex networks of exchange through which meanings are co-created by members of a society or group.” I’m intrigued by that phrase; any chance you could point me to the larger piece of writing in which it appears? Many thanks!

    1. Christy Archer Post author

      Hi Kerr,

      Thanks for asking – I’m afraid to say it’s hard for me to remember exactly what that quote referred to. Can you remember what post/article you read that quote in on my blog?
      If you’re able to refer me to that I can refresh my memory and hopefully pass on to you the book or article that I found the quote in.



  2. Janet

    Hi Christie. I am a printmaker and have looked at the OCA. Would you recommend them? Are you enjoying the course?
    I’ve just come across your blog whilst getting inspiration for my printmaking from Pinterest.
    Currently I spend time doing weekend workshops but would love to do a degree.
    I was wondering what it would be like to study such a practical subject without face to face tutoring. How do you find it all works?
    Your blog by the way is very inspirational!

  3. Christy Archer Post author

    Hi Janet,

    Thank you for your questions and I apologise for how long it’s taken me to reply.

    I think there are some definite ‘Pro’s & Con’s’, I’ve discovered whilst studying with the OCA. On the ‘Pro’s’ list is the flexibility distance learning gives you. Studying with the OCA has enabled me to work alongside study. Initially I chose to study with the OCA because I had long-term health conditions which impacted how much work I could do during the week. The flexibility of time-frame’s allowed me to study at a slower pace whilst still achieving something.

    In terms of tutoring things are a little more complex. All the tutor’s I’ve had have given very thorough and helpful feedback for each assessment. So I’ve never struggled to know where I need to improve. However I will admit at times it’s been difficult to overcome technical difficulties without the help of someone face to face. Most universities benefit from not just tutors but technicians, technicians can be a real source of practical insight. This is definitely something I miss and I’ve looked into joining a Printmakers Society so I can have some contact with other Printmakers.

    I would consider whether the benefit of the flexibility of the course is a bigger ‘pro’ for you than the need for face to face time/support.

    Hope this is helpful!



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